Direct Downloads Fixed

Attention Everyone!

If you have been wondering how to download the direct mp3 file of our show without having to go through some service like iTunes, Stitcher or Zune, have no fear! I fixed all of the direct download links on our pages!

To download the raw file, you may either click on the ‘direct download’ button link on the individual pages or click the ‘Episode Archive’ link in the top menu. This will take you to a list of all our episodes where you can right-click and save any file you like.

Of course, this show is supported by the money we earn from our affiliates. If you decide to download direct, please take a moment to click through our sponsor link. I try to keep these current to best serve you and every little bit we can earn helps us cover our hosting fees.

You’re welcome


Edit:  Things change.  Zipped archives are now available from our Episode Archive.  Not mobile friendly, but it works.  I’m sorry if you have problems, but we couldn’t continue to pay our monthly hosting fee.

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