Episode 29 – Serving Others With Jesus

Episode 29!

DWS Episode 29 – Serving others with Jesus

Marc forgets how a drive-thru works…

On this episode, we welcomes back Pastor Caleb Bergman to the Sinners Media Network studio.
Caleb reminds the DWS crew that Jesus served us and we should also serve like Him.
We also meet Ben!
Go take a listen right now!

Listen to this and other sermons by Caleb here.
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Midweek Preview with Caleb Bergman

Next week on DWS…

Midweek Preview #7 – Caleb – Previews are now found in the Previews&Extras bundle in the archive

see Wish DWS came out more often? Well, too bad! But here’s a little something to wet your whistle.

Next week on DWS, Karen sings her own renditions of Contemporary Christian Music with returning guest and part-time rapper Caleb ‘K-Roux’ Bergman. Enjoy!

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